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Top 10 Massachusetts Proposal Ideas

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Massachusetts Weddings and HoneymoonsYou’ve found the person you were meant to share the rest of your life with. Congratulations! Now that you’re ready to propose marriage, you want to make sure the setting is perfect. After all, she’ll remember this moment for the rest of her life. Massachusetts Destination Weddings are becoming increasingly popular. With the scenic splendor the state offers and with the amazing Massachusetts Wedding Venues available it is no wonder marriage-minded couples are seeking Massachusetts for their Destination Wedding. To feature your Massachusetts Wedding Venue or Massachusetts Honeymoon Accommodations,contacting us. Learn more about advertising in

Massachusetts Marriage Proposal Ideas

Massachusetts Weddings and Honeymoons

Massachusetts has hundreds of romantic places to propose. With their rich mix of coastline, mountains, historic villages and year-round natural wonder, these three states have romance practically everywhere you look. Whether you’re planning an elaborate surprise or a simple, casual moment, the right location can help set the mood. Here are a few suggestions for magical and memorable marriage proposals in Massachusetts:

  1. Pulled gently upward on a ski lift… flakes caught in her eyelashes… the sense that you have the entire mountain to yourselves… all other sounds muffled by the falling snow
  2. A country field… surrounded by fall foliage and stone walls… the crunch of your shoes on leaves… a bottle of wine and a picnic basket full of cheddar cheese, fresh-picked apples and chocolates
  3. Sleigh bells ringing… toasty warm under a blanket as the sleigh glides over the snow… sipping hot chocolate… watching your breath mingle with the steam rising into the crisp winter air
  4. A Massachusetts beach at sunrise… listening to the waves crash against the shore… the salty scent of the sea in the air… as the horizon begins to glow pink and orange
  5. Resting at the top of a mountain, high above the rest of the world… the cool breeze ruffling her hair… the breathtaking sight of a panoramic vista… the fresh scent of pine trees
  6. While camping out under the stars… the clear air… the sound of brooks and waterfalls in the distance…. the shadows of pine trees stretching up into the sky
  7. Inside a covered bridge… the scent of old wood… the echoes of your footsteps… running your fingers along the carved initials of long-ago lovers… water running over stones below… children playing by the water’s edge
  8. Coming indoors after a day on the trails… a roaring fire in the living room of a bed and breakfast… slipping off gloves to hold a mug of hot apple cider… the glow of the fire on her skin
  9. A cozy bistro… a bottle of champagne… the freshest seafood… a view of the harbor, boats rocking to and fro… the gentle illumination of candelight
  10. An art museum… the click of your heels on the floor… the curves of fine sculptures… beauty made eternal by an artist’s knowing brush

Now that you have some ideas, add your own personal touches that will show her just how much you care. Bring along a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or take her to a place that has special meaning for the two of you. You may find that your Massachusetts proposal was so perfect and romantic, you’ll want to plan your wedding and honeymoon here!

We hope that your proposal will be the first step on the long, happy journey you will share together.

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